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23 June 2008 @ 01:51 am
Rules & FAQs  


    1. RESPECT. Everything. From Jane herself to another person's opinion, this is a friendly and safe environment for all people who love Jane, love her novels, and love to engage to discussion with people who feel the same. No rudeness, harassment, threatening, ruining of marriage prospects, etc will be tolerated. Period.

    2. Grammar and spelling. We understand that not everyone's first language is going to be English, and that netspeak can be a highly enjoyable experience, but in order to faciliate a discussion we would encourage that it be kept to to a min. We're not saying that you have to write as if you're being graded on (contrary to what it may seem like we are not your ninth grade English teachers), but if you want to say that Caroline Bingley was such a h8ing h0r this is not the place for you.

    3. Try to stay on topic. Okay, this one is a bit of stretch, since discussion often times leads people to connect one thing to another as part of their attempt to bring the book they just read into the larger scope of their lives. Or something like that. We're not saying that everything that gets said has to be 100% Austen-related all the time or we're going to smite you (that would be frankly ridiculous, not to mention time consuming as all hell) but before you hit the "POST COMMENT" button, remember to think to yourself "Are other people going to be able to see how this relates to the other trees in the Austen forest?" because if this sends people down a path in which you're discussing the finer points of colonoscopies, expect a comment from us to take it elsewhere (such as another journal or a doctor). You get a warning, then we delete the thread. Sorry, folks.

    4. The Reading Order. It is after all the reason we are all here, isn't it? Or at least part of the reason. We don't care what edition of the book you read, or how you get ahold of it or even if you have it handy at the discussion time. We're not that picky.

      Mansfield Park
      Sense & Sensibility
      Pride & Prejudice
      Northanger Abbey

    5. Don't worry! There are films! Yes, like many a survivor of any sort of secondary education English course we learned that the best way to get through anything is by throwing in films. Even though we're all here (some of (hopefully) for the first time) because we want to be, we like to have a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. The films are that light. For each film we will be having a discussion to go along with that as well, though instead of being here in the comm, we'll do it in an AIM chatroom while watching the film. More information will be along when it comes time to watch the first adaptation. In the meantime for those curious as to which adaptations have been chosen they are:
      Mansfield Park
      Sense & Sensibility
      Pride & Prejudice
      Northanger Abbey

    6. All book discussions will be held in the community. There will be a post made to the made community on the weekend of the discussion, and then left open for the weekend. This format is highly tentative and is subjective to change based on the size of the community and nature of discussion we wish to foster. If format does change, notice will be posted in advance and it will be changed to an aim chatroom, with a poll also being posted to decide the best time to have such a discussion.

    7. Discussions will be held every two weeks. If they are to be moved or retimed, then there will be a post rescheduling the discussion. This would only happen in case of an emergency which would be discussed in the post. Films will be similarly timed. The current schedule for book discussions is as follows:
      Mansfield Park: 13 July
      Sense & Sensibility: 2 August
      Pride & Prejudice: 23 August
      Persuasion: 13 September
      Emma: 4 October
      Northanger Abbey: 25 October


    So I've never read an Austen book before in my life, can I still join up?

      Of course you can. We love Austen virgins newbies just as much as we love the ones who have read them all a thousand times. It doesn't matter to us. All our welcome to read all the books or just reread their favourite book and offer up a few choice (or random) insights. Nobody is going to be sacrificed to Jane Austen for not knowing everything there is to know (especially because we don't know everything there is to know).

    What's the reading order?

      Good question! Mansfield Park (MP), Sense & Sensibility (S&S), Pride & Prejudice (P&P), Persuasion, Emma, and Northanger Abbey (NA). Further details can be found by scrolling up.

    I heard something about films, what's that about?

      Everyone likes a good film adaptation. Or loathes a bad one. Or loathes a good one and loves a bad one, something like that. Film adaptations of beloved books can do just as much for discussions as reading the books can and after spending those nights and days reading the books and then that time fighting discussing with people the finer aspects of the written material it can be kind of nice to see how someone else chose to adapt it for the larger (or in some cases smaller) screen. Plus, we remember those days in school when the teacher announced we were watching a film and we loved those days. Think of this as kind of a pathetic attempt to relive our youth.

    Is this really a book club?

      Are we going to get silly drunk once a month and talk about our children and husbands? No. So it's not that sort of bookclub. We are going to read and talk about Austen, which makes us a book club of a much more literary sort. You may be drunk while doing so (reading, discussing, film watching). We're not going to hold you back.

    Who put you in charge?

      We did. Because it was our idea. Get over it.

    Who are you guys anyways?

      Just a couple of bored, daft girls in need of something to in between working and our university coursework. One of us an Aussie, one of us is a Brit in the US, but it's a big question as to which is which, is it not? Well, not really, though both of us are worth our weight in sparkle lotion.

    Is it true that the mods are really just the same person?

      Possibly. While they claim to despute it, we've yet to receive conclusive evidence that their scary brainshare is not a mere coincidence and rather the product of the fact that they have the same brain.

      Got a question? Ask it here (all comments are screened)
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